Rotary - Drum ( Front Loading Immersion and Spray Washer with Revolving Drum )

This is a single, multi - stage washer with a drum rotating arrangement, washing chambers, liquid tanks (Degreasing & Rinsing), component rotation drum / basket arrangement, chute for ease load / unload, washing pumps (Spray), heating system, liquid filtration system and PlC based control panel.
With the combination of immersion and spray in the perforated drum, it helps removal of swarf and chips from parts those due to
   their nature and shape can generally not be cleaned satisfactorily in other systems of dunking or spray washers .
Can be equipped with drying system for water dry off.
This is suitable for small parts and for higher productivity with part immersion and spray combination for effective cleaning of parts.
We are manufacturers and our setup is situated at Talawade, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )