Dip - Dunk - Agi ( Top & Side Loading Immersion and Spray Washers )

 Dunking washers also known as Dipping and Dunk Component Washing Machines or Immersion and Spray Washers are compact, simplest and most cost effective cleaning method.
 The working principle is based on cleaning the parts inside the cleaning liquid media by means of a simple and reliable pneumatically
   operated dunking platform with an adjustable stroke feature for vertical reciprocation. Solution/ Air agitation can be provided for
   better effect.
  The process cycle is fully automatic and timer controlled for ease in operations.
  Designed to operate at ambient and with temperature controlled hot liquids.
  The washers are insulated for temperature controlled applications. They can be fitted with re-circulation systems, filtration systems
   and much more as per the process requirement.
 These washers can be customized for multi-stage usage, with ultrasonic energy combined, mechanical agitation for effectiveness
   and efficiency in the cleanliness.
 Suitable for pre - cleaning of complex shape components, surface treatments like de-greasing, de-rusting, phosphating, passivation,
   rinsing, rust preventive. application and more. A variety of configuration meets all customers requirement.
Dip - Dunk - Agi
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